Enlighten Adelaide Festival 2017 - Saturday 1st & Sunday 2nd April 2017

at the Adelaide Convention Centre, Adelaide, 10am-5pm

Enlighten Adelaide – the “feel good” Festival and the Riverland Wellness Festival are South Australia’s leading, quality and professional health and well-being festivals.

Enlighten Adelaide is a unique South Australian community of like-minded health professionals and practitioners who provide a quality and professional service or product in the health and well-being industry. The festival provides an opportunity for local businesses to showcase their products and services in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere in one convenient location.

The annual Enlighten Adelaide Festival was created in 2011 by Sue Shaw, Festival Director and owner of Shara Sanctuary & Retreat, Centre for Health & Well-being (www.sharasanctuary.com.au). Sue has over 26 year’s experience in the corporate and not-for-profit sector and an extensive background in event management, marketing, advertising, promotion and media, ensuring that all aspects of the festival from concept to completion are covered.

The festival has grown to become one of South Australia’s most respected, professional and quality festivals and has also branched out to the country region with the Riverland Wellness Festival held in Renmark every year.

Some highlights from the 2016 Enlighten Adelaide Festival:

Brand South AustraliaWe are a proud South Australian small business that actively promotes all the wonderful regions of SA by having our festivals at unique and iconic venues throughout SA and working in partnership with other SA businesses.

We are members of the South Australian Tourism Industry Commission and have entered the SA Tourism Awards in the category of Festivals & Events for the last three years.



Our tree of life logo represents the seeding and growth of a new way to live, that supports one another instead of being in competition with each other. The branches are an extension of the people who are involved including the event planning team, exhibitors, participants, volunteers, sponsors and visitors from all over Australia.



2016 Video of the Festival produced by Irene Striving from Cleanse Your Lens

We welcome the local community to come and experience something new and learn about natural therapies, exercise, nutrition, and other tools to help them make healthier choices and live a more balanced life.

We offer a unique and exclusive Day Spa Room where visitors can experience a wellness treatment in the luxury of a more private and quiet setting. We run free workshops and meditation sessions throughout the weekend of the festival and provide a healthy Pop Up Cafe where visitors can enjoy lunch and a cuppa.

Please follow us on facebook to keep up to date with our festivals and other well-being events that we offer throughout the year.

For exhibitor inquiries or sponsorship opportunities please contact Sue Shaw, Festival Director on 0421 915 591.



  • Exhibitors are encouraged to reduce packaging or use recycled or recyclable packaging.
  • Exhibitors are encouraged to promote the disposal of all waste in an environmentally friendly manner.
  • We use only recycled paper for all our printed marketing and promotional material.
  • Where possible, we choose electronic communication to save on paper.
  • We encourage visitors and participants to practice waste reduction methods at home, for example, recycling waste and turning off lights when not required.

Everyone’s contribution makes a difference.