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Enlighten Adelaide Team

The Enlighten Adelaide Festival Planning Team are the heart and soul of the Festival and each individual brings their special gift to the mix to create a unique event where people feel instantly relaxed and comfortable. The unity, passion and commitment that the team brings comes from their heart with joy.

Front L-R: Kim Haden, Corinna Hartmann, Sue Shaw, William Carter, Pina Di Ghionno, Ellanita Arlee, Richard Bergmann, Jon Bruce Back L-R: Dawn Brenton, Ganga Dev, Kerry Howell

We asked each member of the team what they bring to the Festival and why they support it. Here’s what they said.


The Enlighten Adelaide Festival was one of Sue’s dreams that came true when she managed the first festival in 2011 with the philosophy of bringing like-minded local businesses together from the health and well-being industry to increase awareness of the wonderful Practitioners we have here so that visitors could discover, explore, learn and experience something new.

Sue’s aim was to create a South Australian event that fosters team spirit and working together for the same unified goal.

This year will be the eighth annual festival in South Australia thanks to our loyal attendees, local SA exhibitors, the local community and business support, as well as sponsors who have helped to continue to expand and grow the festival.

Sue brings a wealth of event management skills, marketing, sponsorship, communication, graphic design, and PR experience to the team. She is also a Reiki Master, Certified Angel Intuitive and Psychosomatic Therapist.

Festival Director, Enlighten Adelaide & Riverland Wellness Festival
Director, Shara Sanctuary & Retreat

Email: sue@sharasanctuary.com.au
Ph: 0421 915 591

Dawn brings to the Enlighten Adelaide team her passion for life and an open heart.

Having grown up in a small country town with a strong community Dawn brings these values to the Enlighten Adelaide team.

Several years ago Dawn discovered the health benefits of Himalayan salt and from there she set up her business Sunrayia Spiritual Oasis, developed a new monthly market – the Adelaide Health & Wellbeing Experience in Goodwood.

Dawn is also the creator of Sacred Music Adelaide, together with Ganga Dev.

Owner, Sunrayia Spiritual Oasis
Sacred Music Adelaide

Email: goddessdawn26@gmail.com
Ph: 0427 793 314

Pina brings her vast wisdom and experience of working with the Divine energies, as a direct channel, to assist with clearing the sacred space and filling it with love and light. She advises on preparing and organising the space to deliver the highest vibrational energy flow for the event under the guidance of the Divine realm. The higher vibrational energy is set using a combination of the ancient language delivered through the angelic voices, assisted by Crystal and Tibetan bowls, for the high vibrational healing of all.

Owner, Isean Crystals, Gifts & Wellness Centre
Email: pina@angelicdivineuniversalhealing.com
Ph: 0414 295 629

I see the Enlighten Adelaide Festival as something Adelaide has to have, a showcase of Adelaide’s spiritual wares and services, to help with a growing awareness and hunger for wellness, spirituality, alternative and complimentary modalities, enlightenment and joyfullness.

From little things BIG things grow. This little sprouting acorn (EA) has no limits where it can spread out to. If it can be The Adelaide Tree of Enlightenment then I want to water and mulch this little one. I want to nurture and protect this little one. I want to see it grow till we can take away the wind breaks and let it stand tall and strong. I want to hear the Wisdom emanate from this OAK and see the Elementals dancing around the trunk. I want to smell the fresh leaves growing and feel the radiant aliveness of its Spirit. This Gardener will do any job for Enlighten Adelaide (Tree of Life).

Supporting, advertising, helping set-up and take-down, nurturing people involved and being on call for whatever is needed, this is my Gardening pledge.

Email: WLM_11@hotmail.com
Ph:0414 883 583

Ellanita Arlee brings wisdom, joy and spirit to the team and is always there to lend a helping hand when she’s not offering Tarot Readings. She is based at Aldinga with her business S.T.A.R. where she offers the most divine full body gentle massage, healing, and reading.

Owner, S.T.A.R.
Email: jaguartemple@hotmail.com
Ph: 0423 946 680

Kerry has been in the health and wellbeing industry for a long time and was involved in creating the original Healer’s Market at McLaren Vale many moons ago. She is a qualified Transpersonal Coach and offers holistic counselling at local well-being markets.

The annual Spiritual Wellbeing Weekend at Normanville was started by Kerry and now happens four times a year with a special Women’s Only Retreat Weekend in October and for the first time ever a Men’s Only Retreat in September!

Kerry’s energy, enthusiasm, wisdom and passion for life shines through everything she does as she continues to bring her own special touch to the Enlighten Adelaide Festival as our Volunteer Coordinator.

Email: kerryariel@gmail.com
Ph: 0401 171 040


A festival of this size requires a team of helpers to set up and create the sacred space and we have a great team including the Executive Committee and the Set Up Team including:

Jon Bruce, Technical Support
Ganga Dev, Ascension Healing & Transformation

Kim Haden, Kim Haden Consulting
Corinna Hartmann, Access More of You
Richard Bergmann, Feng Shui Consultant

And of course all of our wonderful volunteers, friends and family who support and help us throughout the weekend.