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Caring for our Environment

Down to Earth Events are supporting the Enlighten Adelaide Festival to ensure that our event doesn’t create a lot of landfill waste. They will be providing all bin covers, waste sorting, pick up and cleaning of the grounds as well as the auditing and disposal of the green waste in a composting facility.

Eco Party Box supplies compostable tableware, eco decorations, wholesome party favours and more.


  • Use only appropriate material to supply items at stalls eg. Paper bags not plastic. The Plastic Shopping Bags (Waste Avoidance) Act 2008 prohibits the supply by exhibitors of single use plastic shopping bags with handles that have a manufactured thickness of less than 35 microns.
  • Where appropriate, print marketing material on recycled paper and double sided.
  • It is the responsibility of the stallholder to ensure waste is sorted into the correct bins provided.

Environmental Activities at the Festival:

  • Enlighten Adelaide Directory printed on 100% recycled paper (stated on the publication) was well received by attendees who wanted to keep this as a contact reference guide.
  • Clearly labelled recycled bin systems throughout the venue.
  • Encourage visitors to car pool or use public transport.
  • Accept online ticket sales by viewing them electronically via iphone/mobile, reducing paper usage.
  • Use recycled or bio-degradable packaging to serve food in the cafe area.
  • Serve drinks in original packaging.
  • Ensure exhibitors are aware of their obligations towards waste management by effectively communicating with them prior to the event.
  • Festival Director takes notes throughout the event and reports, evaluates and monitors the effectiveness of processes.
  • Festival Director conducts a Self Evaluation to address any opportunities for improvement.